Windmill Kit Tutorial

How cute is this windmill!? The best part, you can handcraft it yourself. 

You will need the following:

  • Glue (super glue, wood glue, or hot glue)
  • Paints and Brushes 
  • Windmill Cutout Kit from Wild Horse Timber

Step One: 

Lay out all the parts that came in your kit. Paint your parts before assembly if you want multiple colors.

Step Two:

Lay all the small tabs facing the same direction as shown. Once they are all facing the right way, glue them into their place in their grooves on the spoke piece. 

Step Three:

Thread the windmill blades onto the round ring. Place it on top the template with the front side facing down. Use the template to slide the blades so they are equally spaced around the ring. While upside down, glue each spot the ring touches the blades. 

Step Four:

Take your first assembled section and glue into the open slots on your blade section. Once all glue is dried, lift out of the template. Add the extra circle in the center of your windmill if you want. 


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