Spring Banner Napkin Decoupage

Spring Banner Napkin Decoupage


I want to apologize in advance: I'm not a blogger or a videographer! I'm just a girl who loves crafting and gets giddy when things turn out how they looked in my head. In this case, better. So I want to share to inspire and spread napkin awareness!  LOL. 

Now, I'm not even close to the first person to find the potential of napkins. But if you're like me, you just haven't gotten around to trying this out. (It may have been a mistake though because I now have a cart full of cute napkins from Etsy and trying to find all the things I could glue napkins onto.) 

Now enough of this unnecessary blabber. I'm starting to feel like I'm telling you my life story just so you can find a recipe for a simple soup. If you don't wanna read - video is toward the bottom! 



  • Banner Cutouts - I just so happen to have this file available here. I also just so happen to sell the best MDF for lasering here. :) 
  • Cute Napkins - I found mine at Joann Crafts!
  • Tassles (optional) - Also at Joann Crafts in the ribbon aisle! 
  • Lace (optional) - You guessed. Joann! 
  • Paints that are similar to your napkins 
  • String or Twine to string your banner
  • Modge Podge! 


1. Paint your banner. You'll need to decide which napkin style goes to which color. When you use napkins, the color behind them will show through the lighter parts of the napkin! So for mine, I used cream. 

2. Take your napkin of choice and split the layers. There will be at least two - sometimes more if they are heavy duty ones. You just want the super duper thin layer with the pattern on it. 

3. When your paint is dry, add a thin and even layer of modge podge to your cutout. Gently lay your napkin on and CAREFULLY smooth and pat it down to lay flat. You can push softly to work out bubbles and folds that form. Make sure all the edges are nice and secure. Let them dry fully. 

4. With a sanding block or nail file, sand down along the edges of your cutout to cut the paper to the banner piece. After that, I like to rough up the edges and corners and sometimes the entire thing. Be gentle though! The paper is thin and with too much force you'll take it all off. 

5. Add extra embellishments, like the lace, to your banner. Here would be a good time to engrave a cute little doodle on some of them!

6. String everything together and BAM. Banner. 

Napkins give such an effortless vintage look! I've used paper to do a similar idea and this just looks so much more dainty and delicate. I'm in love!! 


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